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Taj Mahal in Japan Sapporo Snow Festival

Taj Mahal in Japan Sapporo Snow Festival

Every year in Sapporo (Hokkaido, north of Japan) in early February, for about 2 weeks, you can enjoy the Snow Festival (called “Yuki Matsuri” 雪祭り in japanese) where the city’s artists and youngsters gather to create sculptures made of snow. The creations range from mid-size ones (like 2 meters high) to huge ones (10-15 meters high) involving whole groups of people during the time for preparation. This year’s edition had some fine pieces of art such as the Taj Mahal (made by the Indian team), a Japanese castle, an aquarium scene and of course the huge statues of Trico and One Piece, major hits in recent TV anime history.

Watch this wonderful video at Hokkaido Snow Festival 2012 - Taj Mahal snow sculpture with live dancers from India - to commemorate 60 years of Japanese / Indian diplomatic relationships. (Just have some patience to listen to the Introduction of the video in Japanese then enjoy our own Bollywood song and dance!)

Closeup of the same Taj Mahal Carving.

Sapporo, Japan: Union Tourism Minister Shri Subodh Kant Sahai inaugurated Sapporo Snow Festival at Sapporo, Japan to mark the 60th year of India Japan diplomatic relations. Speaking on the occasion the Minister said that Ice replica of Taj Mahal displayed at the festival will definitely help in attracting large number of visitors to India not only from Japan but also from neighboring countries. He said Japan is an important source market for Indian Tourism with tremendous in bound tourism potential. Shri Sahai said as per records of the Tourism Ministry, India received more than 1,65,000 tourists from Japan during 2011. The Ministry of Tourism has set up an Incredible India booth at the festival.
Great Video of the Sapporo Snow Festival showing all carvings.
(Excuse it as it is in the original Japanese version, but images are just too good)

No words to describe the fantastic work of art, so enjoy the Snow Creations!

Keep a watch for more videos coming soon! Trying to get the latest videos!

Ice Carving Festival and Show Videos

Here are a few of some Jaw Dropping Videos of Ice Carving Festivals and Shows. I leave it to the reader to watch these videos and start off on this wonderful note to proceed with new posts on my Blog.

The annual International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, northern China, featuring giant luminous ice sculptures and a fireworks display.
Click on the link below to see this video.
The Annual International Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin Ice Snow Sculpture Festival in 2009


The 2009 International Snow Sculpture Competition at Breckenridge, Colorado. 16 Snow Sculptures, carved from 20 ton blocks of pure Rocky Mountian packed powder, donated by the Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Latest set of Information and videos coming up shortly, so keep a watch!

Ice Carving and Ice Sculptures an Overview

Ice Carving and Ice Sculptures an Overview

Ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material. Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime. Know more about Ice Carvings, Sculpting, Techniques, Tools, Uses, Festivals, Competitions, Training Academies, Associations, Snow Sculpting, and how the world has accepted this art as a challenging yet exquisite Art!
The lifetime of an Ice Carving or Ice Sculpture depends on the ambient environment or temperature it has been created in. Depending on the environment it can last either for a few minutes to possibly months if it has been created and maintained in controlled conditions and environment especially in competitions or Academies where they have specialized Work areas where they train and teach Ice Carving and Ice sculpting. Alternatively if the ambient atmosphere itself is sub-zero or near freezing the works would last longer and would not require any artificial cooling. 
There are many techniques depending upon the size, material used and the requirement of the work. While sharp chisels and other hand saws are used for manual carving, while many sculptures are created with the use of CNC and molding machines to create complicated carvings and logos. Coloring of Ice is done with colored gels and or sand. Each artist uses his own technique and closely guards them as competition is fierce. 
While this art slowly grew from just a work of art to a medium of decoration at weddings, functions, and even events where the most complicated and advanced works of art can be seen. A number of countries, some listed below, have established traditions of ice sculpting and have made contributions to the art. Ice artists from these countries regularly appear at international ice sculpture events. 
Some of the countries that have encouraged, developed and shaped the future of Ice Carvings and Ice Sculpting are Belgium, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Sweden, United States besides others who are now not only realizing the value of this art but also taking it up as a commercial business. 
In my subsequent posts we shall go into the details of this wonderful Art of Ice Carving and Ice Sculpting and get to know more about this art, its Artists, their techniques, Associations that train and teach this art, Festivals of Ice Carving and Sculpting, and much more. So keep watching!